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New Acton Ground Plane

In a series of strategic planning reports and proposals, we examined Canberra’s Hotel Hotel and New Acton precinct, outlining improvements to increase footfall, draw and activity – both within the extensive public and social spaces of the Hotel Hotel and Nishi buildings, and the surrounding streets and public spaces.

Our proposals included the reimagining of ten retail and food and beverage tenancies, working with new and existing tenants to deliver the required fitouts, upgrades, branding approaches and business models. This work is across a range of scales – from delivering the first permanent home of the much-loved market food stall Fekerte’s Ethiopian, to the entire upgrade, fitout and branding of a large new creative workspace, lounge and coffee bar, Makeshift. These spaces have become a popular and affordable draw for both locals and visitors, the latter a multipurpose venue programmed with regular community events.

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