Commercial and Architectural Feasibility

We undertake both pre- and post-purchase commercial and architectural feasibility studies.


Prior to purchase, our work includes inspecting and appraising new opportunities, coordinating due diligence investigations, reviewing and advising on redevelopment potential and completing acquisitions. We also provide technical advice, appointing and managing large teams of agents, legal advisors and consultants.


Our feasibility stage architectural schemes test the commercial viability of a project, producing massing and layout studies informed by the viability calculations of our commercial feasibility software. These studies are shaped by the parameters outlined in the due diligence reports, local planning laws, and other viability requirements.

Strategic Thinking

Our work regularly takes us beyond the conventional field of architectural services. Truly successful buildings and places rely on the people and businesses that use and inhabit them. In order to shape a site, property or business, we offer clients strategic planning, market research and business case development – preparing commercially, environmentally and socially responsible proposals.


We enjoy working with clients that have a long-term interest in ensuring spaces continue to actively benefit their local communities. Having led on a number of public consultation and participation programmes, we provide strategic documents outlining approaches to stakeholder engagement and consultation. We also work on cultural programmes – starting with a strategic plan, we develop proposals for ongoing works; activities and events open to, or led by, the public, both before and after a project’s completion.

Project Brief Writing

Getting the project brief right is one of the most important aspects of project management. A good brief attracts the attention of the right team and articulates its intentions with clarity, making sure there are no surprises for all involved. Our briefs examine and interrogate the client’s requirements, developing a clear picture of consultants’ scopes and contracts, functional and design criteria, project programmes and budgets.


We are regularly commissioned to complete research to shape a client’s business case, masterplan or architectural scheme. A number of these research pieces have developed beyond the original scope, taken to publication as standalone works in their own right.

Design and Development Management

We offer both development management and design advisory services. 


As development manager, we work closely with clients to manage the progress of a project from inception to completion. Starting with the procurement of new properties and sites, we run viability models, inspect and appraise new opportunities, and manage the project’s delivery through the design, construction and handover stages. 


As client design advisor or design manager, we are responsible for making sure that a project is delivered in accordance with the project brief – ensuring that all functional and technical requirements are met and that the required level of design quality is delivered on time and on budget.


We develop masterplans of a variety of scales – at the level of the street, large plot, neighbourhood block and district. Our masterplanning goes beyond zoning and built form, articulating intentions and strategies on sustainability, landscape, public space and the urban realm. We also establish strategies in relation to usage type and variety, potential tenants and businesses, customers and inhabitants.