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The Bayswater project is the complete renovation of a three-storey private residence, the topmost apartment of a Grade II listed Victorian terrace house in Westminster, London. 


Working closely to the client’s brief, the design of the apartment is centred around the notions of light, journey and retreat. At each turn, the ascent of a staircase guides the passage through a home of light and shade – up the several flights to reach the apartment’s entrance, between the two floors of its interior, and up the final steps leading to a timber attic studio and rooftop chimneyscape. Once inside, our architectural design looks to heighten the sense of withdrawal from the busy streets below. A richly colourful and textural space at odds with the building’s monotone white facade, the material palette is consistent and quiet, each element neither strident nor overly treated. 


Responding to the client’s desire for the capturing of the North Light, or Artist’s Light, windows and apertures are oriented northward, while shutters and curtains control light level and direction. As with this light’s slow exposition of detail, we selected materials that would change over time with continuous use – presenting the story of its history of use, each might fade, develop a patina, show marks or wear away.

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