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Making Woodland

The Woodland Walk is a collective planting proposal looking to transform the overlooked green space between Hyh House and Chingford Road into a native community woodland. A respite from the traffic of the busy London road to its side, the projected woodland is a landscape of native species – copse clusters, clearings, and walking routes of broad serpentine lawns, long grasses and spring blossoms.


Recommended by the Woodland Trust and selected and planted with the residents of Hyh House, its native species will support London’s plant and animal life. Creating additional space in which biodiversity may flourish, it will also help to combat climate change and air pollution. While predominantly rooted in landscape design, the project incorporates architectural elements; our bin-store designs, for instance, act both to conceal individual bins and signpost welcoming entry points to the walk. A low cost, low maintenance project with real long-term value, the Woodland Walk hopes to benefit both its residents and the wider community for years to come.

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