The Library 

This is a selection of books from our library. 

The Story of a House 

The journey of a house coming into being; from the site survey, to kitchen fitments, to detailing the entrance gate.

Planning Villages 

London's Natural History

Central City Malls

A 1978 perspective on the location, climate, design, street furniture, lighting and planting of pedestrian shopping centres.

Architecture Without Architects

An introduction to the unfamiliar world of nonpedigreed architecture; we shall call it vernacular, anonymous, spontaneous, indigenous, rural.

Bungalow Plans

Plans and photographs of over forty of 1974's finest open plan, single storey homes. 


The struggles and highlights of astronomy over the past 2000 years, illuminated by charts, drawings, photographs and stargazing equipment.

Moulded and Slip Cast Pottery and Ceramics 

Slip Cast a pottery-making process in which partially liquefied clay is poured into a plaster mold.

Homesteads of the Stony Desert

At the turn of the 20th century, long lasting drought defeated attempts to domesticate this harsh and desolate land.

Housing the Twentieth Century Nation

A collection of articles on public housing schemes over the last 100 years, from rural Norfolk to the Alton and Byker estates.

The Ocean of Air



Follies are obscure and mysterious, creating a mythology which is entirely their own.

California Crazy

A catalogue of the unpretentious, native and direct roadside architecture of Automobile-Land.

Welsh Long Houses


The long house was a farmhouse accommodating both people and their animals under one roof.

A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals 


Rocks and minerals are fine introductions to the study of natural history and to a greater appreciation of nature.

Illustrated Handbook of Vernacular Architecture 

The architecture of lesser houses: farms, cottages, stables, mills and industrial buildings built according to local traditions.

Sir John Soane Museum


A general account of the house and its extensive collection as it is seen by visitors.

Weather Book


Welsh Industrial Works Housing 1775-1875

Many new industrial communities were developed in rural Welsh localities between 1775 and 1825; the booklet records labourer's homes across the country.

Shopping Arcades

Internal streets of varied shopfronts lit by modest skylights or the diffused light from glass roofs above.

Architecture in Transition 



Houses of Glass


The glasshouses of the 19th century reflected the city-dweller's new love affair with nature, enclosing the environment of a tropical island in iron filigree and glass.


As well as providing meat for the table, the pigeon has played an important role in carrying messages, in both peace and war.

Parallel Cities: the Multilevel Metropolis


Exploring the multilevel city as a recurrent theme in urban planning and design.

America's Lighthouses 

The lighthouse is symbolic of never-ceasing watchfulness,  steadfast endurance and infinite helpfulness.

The Greatest Glass House

The story of the dismantling, repairing, reassembling and replanting of Kew's famous Palm House.


A collection of curious structures from the forgotten industry.


A story of the twenty-one layers of fabric worn by Armstrong and Aldrin in which they stepped onto the moon.

Ground Covers

Plants that creep, clump mat, scramble, cover, conceal protect and beautify the soil below. 

The Cathedrals of England

English cathedral design from Norman beginnings, through the flowering Gothic, to twentieth century examples.

Mitchell's Corn Palace

Celebratory buildings of Autumn in South Dakota, adorned with dizzying patterns made from corn, grains and native grasses.

Piers and Other Seaside Architecture


The noise of the sea, the sea breeze, activities on the landing-stage, the view of ships and shore all made the pier a unique attraction.

Making Miniature Country Houses

Plans for making and decorating little houses, churches and an outstanding 1900s barn.

Mason on Library Buildings

Related short stories on library design and the complexities in the process and planning of these buildings.

Drought Resistant Planting

Whether or not you take global warming seriously, weather patterns are changing.

The Compact House Book

Smaller size means efficient use of space, lower mortgage payments, easier up-keep and reduced heating costs.

PROJECTed Realities

Works wavering between reality and abstraction, between the concrete and the cardboard model. 

Discovering Cottage Architecture

Weaving, fishing, mining and farming led to distinct styles, all built and designed by local hands and brains.

Ivory Towers & Dressed Stones

A collection of rambles based around mysterious and inscrutable follies in the Yorkshire landscape.


Shrubs, unlike trees, produce woody shoots near their base.

New Techniques of Architectural Rendering

Modern architectural drawings since the end of the Second World War in watercolour, chalk, pencil, collage and ink.

English Cottages and Farmhouses

Some of the vernacular buildings of England, the craftsmen who fashioned them and the lives that unfolded within and without their walls.

Pet Architecture Guide Book

Pet Architecture is the 1-metre wide space between buildings, the small subdivided plot or the slender city block sandwiched between a road and a railway.

Traditional Farm Buildings of Britain

A barn is a building for the processing and storage of a grain crop; it is more a factory than a warehouse.

Easter Hill Village

Viewed at a point in time, on a continuum of contracts, designs, drawings, construction, occupation, evaluation, maintenance and replacement, housing can be seen as a process. 

Buildings of the Scottish Countryside

The tradition of isolated buildings or small groups has endured to this day, thus it is not so easy to assess Scottish country building by walking along a village street.

Six English Towns

An exercise in looking at working towns, in traditional building materials and contrasts of colour and texture.

Lutyens Country Houses

A dazzling mixture of odd juxtapositions, full of architectural conceits, mannerist tricks and comments on long established rules.

Quonset Huts on the River Styx

The absurdity of nuclear war demands an architecture of the absurd. 


Spring casts a mantle of white and pink, as the many tree-lined avenues awake from the winter season. Then autumn comes to the city and suburbs in a cloak of gold.


Drosscapes are the inevitable, ignored and vast wasted landscapes of America's old and new urbanized regions.

Atelier Van Lieshout: A Manual

At a time of crisis, Van Lieshout will be able to provide us with everything we need, from emergency dwellings, to sanitary units, to transport, weapons and food.

The Great Animal Orchestra


Landscape Futures

A call for invention across diverse fields, from archaeology to radio astronomy, from architecture to science fiction.

American Architecture

A reason to examine the architecture of the past is to learn to reconcile our vision of the vast, uninhabited continent with the reality of contemporary life.

Of Hills

Many come and see precious views, but guard them too, as they are more precious now, when some other things are lost.

The House Restorer's Guide

Advice on how to encounter the problems of old buildings, using ordinary and straight forward means.

Welsh Country Workers Housing 1775-1875

The humble people who lived in them left few marks upon historical records, but their houses remain as vital evidence of their lives.

The English Inn

The word 'inn' derives from a Saxon word meaning simply a room, extended in due course to imply a series of rooms.

Houses in the Landscape

Regional building styles cannot be separated from their backgrounds.

Farm Buildings

The density and space requirements of corn can vary by 10% dependent on variety, moisture content and compression: precision is often impossible.