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Molonglo Office, Syrou

Syrou is Molonglo’s first commercial development in Athens and has been approached in the same spirit as our residential projects; which is to restore, conserve or preserve existing architecture.

The former shopfront is located in Kypseli, on the corner of a grid of thin streets, at the base of a five-storey polykatoikia (apartment) building.


The shopfront has been converted into a modest workspace. Split into two halves, the front of the site houses the Molonglo office, and is equipped with a large six person meeting table, two workstations and kitchen and bathroom facilities. The original terrazzo flooring has been retained and marble finishings have been introduced in the kitchen. The rear of the building has been designed as a malleable space with its own entrance and has the potential to be used as a commercial space by local operators in the future.

Top row photographs by Lorenzo Zandri

All other photographs by Dina Iacovou


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