Strategic Thinking

Our work regularly takes us beyond the conventional field of architectural services. Truly successful buildings and places rely on the people and businesses that use and inhabit them. In order to shape a site, property or business, we offer clients strategic planning, market research and business case development – preparing commercially, environmentally and socially responsible proposals.

We enjoy working with clients that have a long-term interest in ensuring spaces continue to actively benefit their local communities. Having led on a number of public consultation and participation programmes, we provide strategic documents outlining approaches to stakeholder engagement and consultation. We also work on cultural programmes – starting with a strategic plan, we develop proposals for ongoing works; activities and events open to, or led by, the public, both before and after a project’s completion.

1. Bookshop: we helped the client shape a unique bookshop offer through the development of a business model, architectural design proposals and market research. Client: Molonglo.

2. New Acton / Makeshift space: Re-examining the ground plane at New Acton to improve draw and footfall, we set out a strategic plan for the reinvention of its social spaces, tenancies, shopfronts and public realm. Client: Molonglo.

3. Allara Street: In order to provide strategic definition for the early stages of the project, we undertook detailed research into market places – enabling us to shape a singular experience in terms of use, offer and architecture. Client: Molonglo.

4. Bethnal Green: Commissioned by Tower Hamlets Council, we undertook a series of connected projects spanning shopfront improvement works, urban realm renewal and decluttering, and the repair and renovation of Bethnal Green Road’s railway bridge. Client: Tower Hamlets Council.

5. Wentworth Street and Petticoat Lane Markets: As part of the Middlesex Street regeneration programme, we were commissioned to undertake an in-depth feasibility study for shopfront improvement works on Middlesex Street and Wentworth Street, London. Client: Tower Hamlets Council.

6. Neo-Nature is a proposed walking trail within a strip of land to the south of Molonglo’s Dairy Road development, Canberra. Part of a wider public engagement programme for the site, we hope it will contribute to the ongoing learning and exploration around the future development and its surrounding landscape – a place to test ideas, and connect the site with its local communities, visitors and traditional custodians of the land. Client: Molonglo.

We undertake both pre- and post-purchase commercial and architectural feasibility studies. Prior to purchase, our work includes inspecting and appraising new opportunities, coordinating due diligence