Commercial and Architectural Feasibility

We undertake both pre- and post-purchase commercial and architectural feasibility studies.

Prior to purchase, our work includes inspecting and appraising new opportunities, coordinating due diligence investigations, reviewing and advising on redevelopment potential and completing acquisitions. We also provide technical advice, appointing and managing large teams of agents, legal advisors and consultants.

Our feasibility stage architectural schemes test the commercial viability of a project, producing massing and layout studies informed by the viability calculations of our commercial feasibility software. These studies are shaped by the parameters outlined in the due diligence reports, local planning laws, and other viability requirements. - 1. Zacharitsa 34 is a ruinous neoclassical home in the Athenian neighbourhood of Koukaki. Prior to leading the appointment of the design team including 6a Architects, we undertook the strategic planning and feasibility work for the repair, restoration and extension of the building. Client: Molonglo.

2. Piraeus: Chrysostomou Smyrnis 44 is a former Ouzo factory in the port city of Piraeus, a large municipality at the south-western tip of Greater Athens. We led the purchase process for the client, preparing commercial and architectural feasibilities and coordinating and reviewing due diligence reports. Client: Molonglo. 3. Eptanisou: An empty concrete carpark structure in Kypseli, Athens. We detailed a strategic review encompassing an architectural and commercial feasibility study. Client: Molonglo. 4. Allara Street: We explored the commercial and architectural feasibility for a mixed-use office, library and cultural space – inserted into a large public space between two eight-storey buildings. Client: Molonglo.

5. Matrozou: We explored the commercial and architectural feasibility for a six-storey, new-build residential apartment building in Koukaki, Athens. Client: Molonglo.