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Neo Nature

Neo-Nature is a proposed walking trail within a strip of land to the south of Molonglo’s Dairy Road development, Canberra. In the sight lines of mature pines, yellowhead grasses and the dusty paths toward the horizon’s low mountain peaks, the trail connects the development with the established walking routes of the neighbouring Jerrabomberra Wetlands Reserve. Bringing visitors to Dairy Road, it acts as a pivot between site and wetlands – its mellifluous route taking in bee hives, grassland corridors, a Eucalyptus forest and our Lookout pavilion.


Detailing planting, signage and landscaping, the proposal offers a low-cost intervention that will be shaped and built with local residents and visitors. Part of a wider public engagement programme for Dairy Road, we hope it will contribute to the ongoing learning and exploration around the future development and its surrounding landscape – a place to test ideas, and connect the site with its local communities, visitors and traditional custodians of the land.

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