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Chapelhouse Studios

Creative workspaces

We thoughtfully design and convert disused buildings into ever-evolving places for creative expression and connection for artists, independent creative businesses, activists and social enterprises.


Chapelhouse Studios is more than just a creative workspace, it is a community, a resource, an advocate and a stage. Designed with the local community, the designs have been shaped by what the community wants and needs.


The rear of the warehouse is divided into three workshop spaces for messy work. These are lined with a series of secure storage cabinets for equipment, tools and materials. The workshops are proposed as flexible working areas, we see the opportunity for several tenants to share the spaces.A series of contained, secure and heated workspaces provide comfortable and flexible studios for desk based tenants. The use of polycarbonate windows and roofs creates lighter spaces with visual connection to the Workshops and Gallery.


A flexible space at the front of the warehouse provides a blank canvas for events, exhibitions and workshops. The position allows the gallery to extend out into the yard and to activate the entrance. The communal external area is open and inviting both for workspace tenants and occasional event guests. Painted markings, benches and tree planting delineate the space and guide visitors to the Workshop beyond. Standing tall next to the existing chapel we propose an illuminated structure. The landmark welcomes visitors and can be seen along the length of the approaching road.

Project Details




Architecture & Landscape, Public Engagement

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